Best Bow Sights Under $50

A good functioning and valuable bow sight does not necessarily have to cost the earth with a significant selection available at under $50.00. The selection of 5 bow sights that have been examined below are all very well regarded bow sights in their own right and come from some of the top sight manufacturers in the industry. They also happen to cost less than the majority of sights out there.

We have provided just a little information about each of these top rated bow sights. We have also provided you with a link to each of the manufacturers websites so that you can get even more information about them.

Trophy Ridge Punisher 5

Trophy Ridge Punisher 5The Punisher 5 is a combination of aluminum bracketry with a composite pin guard making up its lightweight design. The fiber optics are bright and the field replaceable pins gives you the opportunity to repair the sight quickly should something happen.

Reports of the bracket coming loose on the bow have been noted making it important that this aspect is checked closely during installation. The reversible sight mount means that it can be used with either left or right handed bows.

There is even more information about features and other options at the Trophy Ridge website.

Pins – 5
Fiber Optics – .029″
Rating - 4.4

TruGlo TSX Standard

TruGlo TSX StandardThe TruGlo TSX Standard bow sight is a compact lightweight sight that is simple to use yet is designed with the features required for a hunter to get great benefit. The TSX stands for Tru Site Xtreme and is part of a series of sights that use this same popular design, it is just stripped down to the basic model which ensures the price is as cheap as possible.

The sight features a large 2” aperture surrounded by a lightweight composite pin guard. The sight is fixed pin and consist of 5 pins are .029” diameter fibers. The sight is coated in the Tru-Touch soft feel technical coating which will add to its stealth capabilities.

Range of adjustability has been made wider by the inclusion of a reversible bracket and there are etched markings that are easily visible to help with elevation and windage adjustment.

Find out more information about features and other options at the TruGlo website.

Pins – 5
Fiber Optics – .029″
Rating 5.0

TruGlo Carbon XS

TruGlo Carbon XSWithout a doubt the Carbon XS bow sight by TruGlo is one of the most popular and most highly considered low-cost sights available. The sight is made from an ultra-lightweight carbon composite material and is coated with the Tru Touch soft feel technical coating.

The aperture is on the smaller side at 1.8” but the extra-long fibers provide the hunter with extreme brightness that will ensure target acquisition is never a problem. A reversible bracket provides increased elevation adjustment and the sight can be altered to suit either a left or a right handed shooter.

Find out more information about features and other options at the TruGlo website.

Pins – 4
Fiber Optics – .019″
Rating 4.2

PSE Aries Three

PSE Aries 3The PSE Aries 3 pin sight is a solidly constructed all-metal fixed pin sight that consists of .029” diameter fiber optic pins. It has a third axis level attachment which can be optionally purchased separately if required.

The sight has also been equipped with a sight to enable high resolution in all light conditions. The sight is available in a choice of two finishes: Black or Mossy Oak.

Find out more information about features and other options at the PSE Archery website.

Pins – 3
Fiber Optics – .010″, .019″ or .029″
Rating – 4.0

Apex Gear Atomic

Apex Gear Atomic 4-pinThe Apex Gear Atomic is a lightweight fixed pin sight that is available with either 4 or 6 pins. It has been designed so that it may be quickly adjusted with one hand.

The aperture is 1.8” in diameter and with the brightness of TruGlo technology the pins are bright and the field of vision is wide and clear. The sight comes complete with a pivoting elevation bracket which gives it a distinctive look but also ensures that it has a limited number of moving parts.

Find out more information about features and other options at the Apex Gear website.

Pins – 4 or 6
Fiber Optics – .019″
Rating – 3.0

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Sight

Shooting an arrow and being confident that it is going to end up where you want it to are two different things. It will be even more difficult to achieve if you don’t use a bow sight. There are many different types of bow sight options available to the archer, all of which will help to improve your chances of shooting accurately.

The difficult part of the process is working out what type of bow sight will suit your shooting. There are a number of features that are important but there are others that could be completely irrelevant to you. How do you know which is which?

Here are a few things to consider that might play a part in your decision making process:

  • Compatibility with your bow
  • Understanding the parts of a bow sight
  • Number of pins and their sizes
  • Illumination features
  • Adjustability
  • Noise suppression
  • Price

The first thing to work out is whether the bow sight is going to be compatible to your bow. Check that the mounting bracket will fit on your bow’s riser. With modern bows and sights that are being made today this should not be a huge issue. However, there are some types of bow sights, such as the Viper Diamondback Fixed Plate MicroTune sight that has been specifically designed to be compatible to the Mathews compound bows.

Learn the different parts of the bow sight so that you are familiar with the terminology. Know that the pins are the small metal pieces that hold the fiber optics within the sight aperture. They provide you with the means to line up your target.

Determine whether you are more comfortable with vertically or horizontally mounted pins. Some manufacturers specialise in making their sights with one method or the other.

The illumination of the sight can be achieved in a few different ways. The first is with the fiber optics themselves. Generally, the longer the fibers, the brighter the sights are going to be. Many bow sights also have a glo-ring installed around the perimeter of the pin housing. This helps define the field of vision and can increase clarity. An optional extra that can be installed is a rheostat light which will help whenever the natural light begins to fail.

Pin sizes vary from one sight to another. Indeed, within single models it is possible to choose the size yourself. It is usually best not to use pins that are overly thick because it will have a tendency to cover a small target.

Adjustability is a big feature that is being dealt with more and more by manufacturers. Even the so-called fixed-pin bow sights are being turned into adjustable sights thanks to the tool-less models that are being produced. Gang-adjustment is also being made available in many models and this means that you only have to dial in one of the pins, lock it down and then the other pins will fall into place at even distances. The fixed pin sights are virtually becoming quasi-movable sights thanks to the continued innovation and improvement by manufacturers.

In all of this, it pays to keep up with the latest sight releases and be aware of what new changes have been built into the new sights. The goal of the manufacturer is to provide a sight that improves the accuracy of the shooter. You then get to choose whether you need a single pin sight, 3 pins, 4 pins, 5 or more.

The price is going to play a part in how you choose your sight as well. The more features the sight has and the quality of the materials used in the construction will generally mean a higher cost. Tournament sights that are particularly precise are going to head the list in expense. Don’t be fooled though, there are some very good low-cost bow sights available, particularly if you work out that the whizz-bang features are not necessary.

The best archery sight is the one that you feel most comfortable using. Knowing the various features it offers you and being able to quickly and efficiently adjust it so that you are quickly lining up your target for an accurate, silent shot.

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Decide On An Archery Sight

Decide on an archery sight based on the type of shooting you do. Fixed pin or movable, 3, 5 or 7 pins, gang adjustment or individual, it really doesn’t matter. The important thing is to have an idea in your head as to what type of bow sight you are going to need. This will make buying one a whole lot easier.

There are many different ways in which an archer might accurately fire his or her compound bow, recurve bow or crossbow. Doing it purely by eye alone is perhaps the first way you might try but this will not provide you with the confidence that you will be able to repeat each shot consistently.Axion Vue Micro Adjust

Buying a bow sight and installing it on your compound bow is the obvious way to ensure your shooting will be done accurately. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to the type of bow sight you might choose. As well as different pin numbers to use you can also choose the size of the fiber optics and the size of the sight aperture to look through. Micro adjust features such as illustrated by the Axion Vue Micro Adjust pictured above give you tremendous flexibility.

As with other products the prices range hugely depending on the quality of the sight and the features that are built into it.

It is hoped that this site will provide you with the information you require to help decide on what type of bow sight you will need. Hunting sights, tournament sights and peep sights are all some of the options that will be open to you.

In some cases simple is best, particularly if you are comfortable with quickly setting up a 3-pin fixed pin bow sight that is tuned in to 20, 30 and 40 yards. For competition shooters the need for far greater accuracy will require a more precise sight and this is where the top line tournament sights from Sure-Loc or CBE will be important.

Sure-Loc Supreme 550Sure-Loc Supreme 550

Some hunters like to have their sights tuned and fixed so they represent specific distances. Other hunters like the freedom to quickly adjust their sight using just a single pin.

New innovations and new releases will be reported on and we will explore how each new product will enhance your shooting experience. Sometimes a new innovation will not give you any additional benefit at all and it is important to be aware of this before heading out and simply buying the sight because it is the latest product on the market.

Bow Sight Manufacturers

Some of the best archery sights available come from well known companies, but there are also some gems to be found that come from less well known manufacturers. Names to be aware of include the following:

Apex Gear, Axcel, Axion, Black Gold, CBE, Copper John, Cobra, Davis, Extreme, Fine Line, Fuse, Limbsaver, HHA, IQ, Hind Sights, G5, Spot Hogg, Sure-Loc, Sword, Triijicon, Trophy Ridge, TruGlo, Viper.

All of these and more will be examined with further resources pointed out as they become available. When buying a bow sight the aim is to shoot more accurately and the same can be said for the aim of Best Archery Sights.

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